What is tokenization?

Tokenization of assets is the process of dividing an valuable asset into smaller pieces so that it becomes easier tradable and a larger group of investors can be reached. General advantages of tokenization are: better accessibility, better tradability, better liquidity, faster transaction speeds and cheaper transactions and better transparency.


How does tokenization enhance the accessibility of an asset?

Tokenization of assets opens investments in assets to much wider audience because of reduced minimum investment amounts and periods. For example in case of art people who never were able to invest in valuable art could now become a new audience for the artists artwork.


How does tokenization enhance the tradability of an asset?

Tokenization of assets allows for easier trading of assets since they only represent a fraction of the total real asset value. For example in case of real estate more people are able to afford an investment of a few hundred thousands instead of a few million Euros, thus the real estate tradability will increase.


How does tokenization enhance the liquidity of an asset?

Tokenization of assets allows for better liquidity typically for illiquid assets since the fractional ownership can be traded on secondary markets to a broader base of investors. For example in case of classic and vintage cars only highly desirable cars often can be made into cash and the others stay illiquid, by being able just to buy and sell a fraction of these assets the liquidity of these illiquid assets could increase.

Transaction speed and cheaper transactions

How does tokenization enhance transaction speed and lead to cheaper transactions of an asset?

Tokenization of assets transaction speeds are better due to automating of contracts, this reduces the administrative burden involved in buying and selling assets for which fewer intermediates are needed, leading to faster deal execution and lower transaction fees. For example in case of intellectual property this would mean that less royalties are being paid. In case of the music industry the artists could earn more from their work.


How does tokenization enhance transparency of an asset?

Tokenization of assets adds transparency to transactions, since it will allow you to know who you are dealing with, what your and their rights are and who has previously owner the fractional asset. For example in case of a loan on the overvalue of a property being tokenized it is secure and entirely traceable. This reduces the potential for fraud and allows more actors to participate.

2nd German approved Security Token Offering

We are proud about our achievement

Madelins enterprise grade cloud-native compliant security token issuance platform is powering StartMark, the second German by the BaFin (The German Financial Regulatory Authority) approved security token offering. In case you like to know more about the business proposition of StartMark we invite you to visit their website Our platform went live for StartMark on the 8th of August 2019 in a special branded and customized version.

About Us

Madelin Twente is a startup fintech company with a focus on innovative digital transformation solutions for capital markets and financing of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). We are a provider of a white-labeled enterprise grade cloud-native compliant security token issuance platform. Via this platform an issuer can issue, transfer and manage tokenized assets from within the EU, which could be particularly appealing to investment banks, funds and mid-size companies.

We provide investment banks, funds and mid-size companies with the opportunity, the technological knowledge and business know-how to provide consumer friendly responsive cloud-native solutions that are compliant and increase efficiency through digitalisation. Through tokenization these parties can digitise assets such as bonds, equities, funds, loans and other securities for their consumers and raise liquidity.

We believe that the way consumers are investing in assets is going to change fundamentally and tokenization of assets will influence many industries including the financial industry.

We are very passionate about our work and believe that this is what makes the difference in doing business. We only strive for the best.

Our ultimate goal is to create a secondary market for security tokens.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to innovation by accelerating new ways of financing via responsive cloud-native solutions which we build to provide solutions to the market or to our clients.

Our Vision

Our vision is that the world of finance is going to change. A world where the unbanked are banked, prosperity will be spread and valuable assets will be in reach of a larger audience.


Next to tokenization of assets some of the other services we provide to our clients are:

Project services

We have a team of experienced people who develop financial systems your consumers will love, conform your specifications and requirements using modern technologies.

Customized Smart Contracts

We have a team of experienced blockchain developers who develop smart contracts according your requirements. According to the ERC-20, ERC-1400, ERC-1410, ERC-1594 or other required standard.


We provide 24/7 monitoring services via our devops for the solutions we build to keep them 24/7 online during the year, to guarantee their performance and security.


We guarantee optimal performance of the solutions we build by providing scalable services for large amounts of consumers.


Security of your companies assets is our priority and is a integral part of the design of the solutions we build, we do provide as well additional security services.


We provide custom integrations with 3rd party api providers for the solutions we build.

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In case you're interested in what we can do for your business, please contact us we are happy to discuss with you your business case.

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Key features

Overview of the key features of our enterprise grade cloud-native compliant security token issuance platform

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Meet the founders of Madelin Twente. Beside the founders we are very proud to have a growing team of currently 9 colleagues who are extremely talented, dedicated and motivated who build on our and our clients responsive cloud-native solutions with the latest technologies.

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